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The Global Event Advancing Local Good

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October 24th, 2018

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Q Commons brings the Q learning experience to cities around the world by teaming up with host partners for a unique evening that combines global talks via broadcast with curated live local presentations.

Q Commons Overview

Global Event on October 24

Q Commons is a simulcast-style event that combines a global broadcast with live local elements to create an evening that is uniquely global and local.

Hundreds of Locations

With over 370 local expressions in 218 locations, Q Commons has been received by more than 40,000 individuals around the world.

Host for Your Church or City

Host Q Commons as a collaborative city-wide event open to the public, or create a private equipping moment for the people who attend your local church.

Quick Start Event Solution

Local partners fully leverage the Q brand and event planning solutions to create a vibrant conversation in their city.

Benefits of Q Commons

Q Commons is a fast paced evening, filled with meaningful content and rich conversations, designed with intentional time to slow down, meet new people, and discuss the most important issues of our cultural moment.


Q Commons presents an opportunity for local communities to gather and learn from a diverse group of leaders, discuss key cultural issues, and take steps toward advancing good in their local context.


Q Commons is a compelling two-hour event that allows attendees to learn from the best leaders and actively participate in the conversation.

Promotes Dialogue

Q Commons is more than an event. The unique experience fosters an environment that encourages communities to engage in difficult conversations.

Encourages Action

Q Commons provides a setting for engaged citizens to become informed on matters of local importance, and learn how they can take action.

Hosting Made Simple

Q Commons is a platform local leaders can stand on to invite people into a dialogue about what it looks like for a city to flourish. Local hosts are supported by the Q Team and have access to the best event planning and production expertise to your local event.

Q Platform + Support

Over the past decade, Q has developed a proven model of conversation, interaction, and collaboration that combines the best content with the best technology to deliver a meaningful experience.

Recognized Presenters

Q curates three global talks that bring recognized experts and thought-leaders into your local community, attracting audiences that are interested in thoughtful cultural engagement.

Custom Website + Materials

Q provides a beautiful custom website for seamless registration, digital marketing materials, a promo video, HD broadcast, and night-of event materials, making the hosting experience as simple as possible.

Event Coaching

Local Q Commons host partners are invited into a large community of fellow hosts for peer learning, and receive access to the best one-on-one and group coaching from the Q team.